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Because every reader owns and works for a Brand, even the personal one, and wants to exploit this proposition in the transforming world. From the name of origin wine label, up to your own e-Course. From an FMCG ‘giant’ up to the small retail business in your small road. And everyone knows that a Brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relations. All, as a perceived given promise.

In our blog and in real-life Client meetups we say out loud: “You have a Brand in there somewhere… Maybe it’s broken. Maybe it’s lost in the room behind boxes and the day-to-day things you do. Or a little dusty. We’ll find it. We’ll dust it off. We’ll move the boxes around. We’ll help you fix it. Polish it. Make it ready for the next 20-years of Industries & Digital Transformation.”

This blog takes hundreds of hours to sustain, search, edit and write. But there is a higher purpose. Share practical views and inspiring insights and best cases, on how the Marketing world should change.

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